VydaTilth Pellets™

What Is VydaTilth?

Derived from poultry manure, VydaTilth products are a sustainable source of plant nutrition. VydaTilth maintains or increases soil organic matter for better crop results.

The physical makeup of VydaTilth allows for easy, uniform spreading. VydaTilth can be applied with commonly available farm equipment, such as a dry spinner fertilizer applicator, strip-till unit or manure spreader. Plus: VydaTilth has reduced smell, thanks to lower ammonia levels.

Benefits of VydaTilth Pellets

  • Poultry manure is compressed into pellets
  • Pellets have a higher bulk density than crumbles
  • Pellets can be spread in a wider swath, reducing trips across the field

Where are VydaTilth Pellets processed?

VydaTilth Pellets 4-4-3 are processed in north-central Colorado.

VydaTilth Pellets 4-3-3 are processed in eastern Illinois.

I liked the flowability of it more than anything. The flowability was just awesome, running it through an auger off the truck into different things, so you’re not having to have a complete separate line of equipment just for your fertilizer. You can use an auger to get it out of the truck and into your storage and then back out again into your spreaders or whatever you’re using. Ease of transport and application are the two things that work really well, and that all translates from the flowability of the product.”

— Dustin, Organic Farmer

Be First in Line for VydaTilth

Due to the success of VydaTilth, Avé Organics is introducing a rapid-response wait list. This way, we can get VydaTilth to you as soon as we have it available! To be notified when supplies of VydaTilth are available in your area, fill out the form below.

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