VydaTilth™ is a sustainable line of soil and plant nutrients for organic crops.

Derived from poultry manure, VydaTilth products are a sustainable source of plant nutrition. VydaTilth maintains or increases soil organic matter and is listed through OMRI for organic production. As a result, growers can be assured of their crops’ organic status. 

The physical makeup of VydaTilth allows for easy, uniform spreading. VydaTilth can be applied with commonly available farm equipment, such as a dry spinner fertilizer applicator, strip-till unit or manure spreader. Plus: VydaTilth has reduced smell, thanks to lower ammonia levels.

Why Use Organic Chicken Manure?

VydaTilth is derived from poultry manure in an all-natural process and is OMRI-listed for organic production. The product is processed by heating chicken manure to 170°F. This kills pathogens and weed seeds in the poultry manure.

Due to its heating and drying process, VydaTilth contains less water. This makes the product easier to haul and spread, either as a dry crumble (VydaTilth Auctus) or as a pellet (VydaTilth Pellets). VydaTilth also:

  • Improves your soil’s available moisture
  • Increases water infiltration 
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Contains macronutrients (N, P, K), plus many micronutrients
  • Enhances your soil’s chemical and biological properties
  • Contains less than 10% moisture content

VydaTilth Auctus™ & VydaTilth Pellets™

Avé Organics now offers VydaTilth in two product forms: VydaTilth Auctus, which is a dry crumble, and VydaTilth Pellets, a pelleted product. Learn more about VydaTilth Auctus and VydaTilth Pellets below:

Difference Between VydaTilth Auctus & VydaTilth Pellets

Both of them fall underneath VydaTilth. VydaTilth is basically going to be our branding. It’s going to be what we call our dry product lineup, and the one we have in the VydaTilth is Auctus, which is the crumble that comes out of central Iowa there in Clarion. 

Then, over in Hudson, Colorado, we have access to a pelleted product, which is about a quarter-inch by half-inch, right in that ballpark. Very, very good product. It is also a 443, but it’s just a pellet instead of a crumble. But some people prefer a pellet. Some people prefer a crumble. It just depends on what you’re looking for. 

To be honest with you, I think they both flow really well. They both spread really well. If I had to pick anything that I would say there’s a difference between the two is if you’re going with the strip-till option, sometimes the VydaTilth Auctus, which is the crumble, might flow a little bit better in that system. But there are still plenty of people that have been using the pellets in those systems too.”

— Loran Kaiser, Avé Organics General Manager
Benefits of Heating Manure w/ VydaTilth:

When you’re working with the VydaTilth, because a lot of the ammonia has been driven off in the heating process, there is less odor. It’s still a manure-based product. There’s still going to be an odor. I don’t want to claim that there isn’t, but, definitely, the odor is reduced. 

The other thing is that by heating it, you’re dealing with a dry product. Flies are just not as much of an issue with that either. But then, the weed seed, because it’s heated up, it kills the weed seed germ. And on the tests we’ve run, we have not been able to find any live seeds in there. So I think, from an organic standpoint, where weeds are always an issue, a product like this, where you can reduce the weed seeds that you’re importing to your farm? So much the better.”

— Stan Buman, Avé Organics Business Development Manager
Rediscovering the Value of Manure w/ VydaTilth

Let’s just look at the history of manure . This is always fascinating to me because if we go back and look at the history of agriculture in the United States, it’s that we’ve built our agricultural enterprises on manure. You think about it. 

We had farm animals on a farmstead to produce the manure that fertilized the crops, and so we had systems that were basically closed-loop systems. We took the grain. We fed the animals. We put the manure back on. We produced the crop, and we had a much different ethic. People are rediscovering the value of manure.”

— Dr. Jerry Hatfield, Retired Laboratory Director at the National Laboratory for Agriculture & the Environment

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