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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dealer for Avé Organics. Avé Organics serves the business-minded grower by supplying sustainable, consistent, and available plant nutrition for certified organic crops. This is accomplished through our Dealer Network. We are looking to add a few new select Dealers and appreciate your interest.

Read the FAQs and Characteristics first. If you feel you fit the bill, please fill out the Become a Dealer form.

Once you have submitted the form an Avé Sales Representative will contact you to provide you with additional information.

Characteristics of a Successful Avé Organics Dealer

Successful Dealers come in many shapes and sizes and can service a variety of markets. Below are a few key characteristics that set apart successful Dealers from their less successful counterparts.

  • Already has an established organic or soil health customer base
  • Financially stable
  • Goes after the niche markets; go-getters
  • Can move large volumes of Product
  • Motivated and knowledgeable Sales Staff
  • Emphasizes excellent customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody become a Dealer?

We have a limited number of opportunities for dealers and are looking for a select number of well-qualified companies to sell our products. If you have experience in marketing other organic products and want to add our products to your line-up, please contact us.

How large of a territory/​sales area will I have if I become a Dealer?

Avé Organics does not set up or determine sales territories. Many Dealers of organic inputs have a broad sales territory across the United States and even into other countries. Therefore, we will not limit the sales of our products to only a portion of your sales territory.

Who covers the freight of the Product?

All Product is purchased FOB at Clarion, Iowa. You are responsible for the transportation costs. We can help you line up trucks if needed.

Does Avé Organics have any other dry Product available to me as a Dealer?

Avé Organics has access to pelleted manure out of Hudson, Colorado. However, the demand is much greater than the supply. Currently, we are not looking for Dealers for this product.

Can Avé Organics help me with marketing?

Yes. Avé Organics advertises our products and our Dealers. We have also developed marketing materials for our products.

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