About Us

At Avé Organics, we deliver trust, purpose, value and sustainability.

Avé Organics provides innovative products through novel processing methods, supplying sustainable and readily available plant nutrients. 

As a subsidiary of Wilbur-Ellis, Avé Organics has access to a world-class research team and distribution network.

We enthusiastically believe organic farmers can grow their business.

In 2018, after seeing first-hand how organic growers struggle to source plant nutrients, the Wilbur-Ellis research and development team went looking for a solution. Two years later, they discovered a new product and brought manure-derived organic fertilizer products to growers across the U.S. — VydaPreme™ and VydaTilth™.

After seeing grower acceptance for these products, Wilbur-Ellis recognized the demand and continued to develop technology and products for organic growers. Subsequently, Avé Organics was founded in 2020 to handle the sale and distribution of VydaPreme and VydaTilth, two novel organic products derived from raw animal manure.

With more work to be done, Avé Organics continues to seek other new technologies that offer safe and environmental methods to properly utilize animal manure. Interested in commercializing technology to enhance the value of animal manure? Avé Organics wants to be your first point of contact.